This blog chronicles my study of FSharp by means of implementing a simple programming language PUSH 3. The language was invented at Hampshire College for experiments in genetic programming. It is described in detail as well as in a number of books and papers by Lee Spector (

In the spirit of a talmudic saying: “Grabbed too much – grabbed nothing”, I have stopped short of to implementing a full-blown genetic programming system that actually evolves PUSH programs trying to solve different symbolic regression problems. After all, I am sure folks at Hampshire College have spent years researching it.

While writing this implementation, the full source of which can be found on GitHUB I have also tried to observe my own process: making design decisions, following well known methodologies (like TDD) in a completely “clean” environment where I could not blame any mistakes I make or duct-tape kind of shortcuts I take on pressures of a production environment. This experience was also quite instructive, however, harder to document than simple language exploration.

Tools and resources used:

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