FParsec: Parsing a List of Dynamic Keywords

In the previous post we mentioned code that parses Push types and Push operations:

let internal pushType = commonIdentifier >>= findType

Tokens for Push types are a dynamic collection of keywords. “Dynamic” in a sense that a developer might add to it when extending the language. We therefore need to create a parser that would recognize tokens from a dynamic set.

Since Parser<‘a, ‘u> type is just an abbreviation for CharStream<‘u> -> Reply<‘a> (a function that takes CharStream and returns a Reply, more on that in this article), we can simply write:

    let findType t = 
        fun stream ->
            let mutable reply = new Reply<string>()
            match t with
            | FindType res -> 
                reply.Status <- Ok
                reply.Result <- res
            | _ -> 
                reply.Status <- Error
                reply.Error <- messageError("Unknown type: " + t)

We use F# active patterns to wrap the logic for finding the right type in the collection:

    let (|FindType|_|) t =
        match stockTypes.Types.TryFind(t) with
        | Some s -> Some t
        | None -> None

This looks slightly weird, but all we need to do is find a particular key in the F# map: stockTypes.Types is defined as a Map<string, PushTypeBase>. It is a map of type names to their representations as objects.

We then use the FParsec “>>=” operator, that takes the result of its left side, applies a function on its right side and returns a parser, returned by that function.

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