A Deep Reinforcement Learning Journey Home.

https://youtu.be/OuE2bfxuSUo On a warm afternoon of October 23, 1975, one of the last days of Indian summer that year, Yozhik (aka Ejik, The Little Hedgehog) set out to visit his friend Medvezhonok (The Bear Cub). He was joining him, as he did every evening, for a night of stargazing. Only he never made a return … Continue reading A Deep Reinforcement Learning Journey Home.

HoloLens Object Detection

We will explore running object detection on-device with HoloLens, using Unity game engine as our development platform. AR Academy is a great introduction to all aspects of HoloLens development. It has 300-level tutorials that demonstrate how to connect the device to Azure Cognitive Services to perform machine learning tasks. There are no samples of performing … Continue reading HoloLens Object Detection