Visualizing Graphs

Previously Walking the Eule Path: Intro Generating and Visualizing Graphs I can hardly overemphasize the importance of visusalizations. Many a bug had been immediately spotted just by looking at a visual of a complex data structure. I therefore decided to add visuals to the project as soon as the DirectedGraph class was born. Code & … Continue reading Visualizing Graphs

Turnpike Problem (F#)

The Problem This is a problem for which no polynomial time solution exists, although a pseudo-polynomial (polynomial in the degree of the maximum element) does exist. In this paper, the algorithm proposed for the sum-function with full information is simple enough. For the original problem with the difference funcition, the algorithm is simple as well: … Continue reading Turnpike Problem (F#)

Decomposition Problem with F#, Dynamic Programming

As my former boss and mentor used to say, in order to understand recursion one must first understand recursion. This is funny, ha-ha, but if we tweak it slightly we get a really useful statement: in order to understand dynamic programming, one must first understand recursion. Here is an example. Sources Github: Decomposition Problem … Continue reading Decomposition Problem with F#, Dynamic Programming